4 Crypto Investing Strategies


If you’re someone who’s a passive investor, risk tolerance is moderate & want less fluctuations-

  1. 20–30% into BTC, 20–30% INTO ETH
  2. 20–30% INTO stable coins ( to buy the dip).
  3. Could be invested weekly/monthly/every fortnight/bi-monthly for a long term.
  1. Stick to any 3–4 cryptocurrencies in top 5 or top 10 according to market cap. (Recommended to include BTC,ETH).
  2. Invest periodically, every week/month/quarter etc.
  3. Invest 20–30% in stablecoins eg- USDT ( to buy the dip of coins you’ve selected) .
  1. You can follow the crypto portfolio of GRAYSCALE or MICROSTRATEGY.
  2. Suggested to have 2–3 coins in top5-top10.
  3. Keep 1–2 coins from top 20/top50/top100, according to your range/risk.
  1. Go to coinmarketcap and choose 1–3 sectors which you understand/follow.
  2. Recommended to go with Layer-1 sectors like DE-FI, NFT, Metaverse.
  3. Select your range of coins, top 10, top 50 or top 100 etc ( Recommended Range <= Top 50 )
  4. Select 2–3 coins (recommended) after doing your research.


  1. Invest in something solely because of the hype or cool name of a project.
  2. Buy cryptocurrencies on the basis of no of tokens/coins they can buy in $1 instead of understanding if you understand where you are investing then price is irrelevant.
  3. Fail to understand that for a coin/token to go 2x, they need to double their market cap & have unrealistic expectations.
  1. If you had buy range<=35K, Sell range>= 60K, then you would have easily made 2x+ returns since BTC went as low as $28.8K and went as high as $69K as shown above.
  2. If you didn’t have any range, and had kept on buying even after BTC went $60k+ then you would be at a loss instead, because current BTC price= $49.8K.


  • Then you can buy stable coins


It’s an opportunity to buy coins/tokens at a cheaper price before they go into circulation.

  1. If the presale is a layer 1 based then we might hold it for 1 year and keep on taking regular profits.
  1. Would book profit every time it hits 2x,3x etc… and reinvest every time it dip’s 30–40%.
  2. Investing in a project with a working platform > Investing in a project promising something which’ll happen 5 years down the line.
  3. Seeing the overall market sentiment before investing in a presale is a good option.
  4. Seeing the UI/UX of a working platform helps.
  5. Roadmap of the project and whether they’re delivering on it or not.
  6. Whether developers/team is doxxed or not.
  7. Are they burning tokens and whether tokens are locked or not.
  1. Decide what kind of investor you want to be?
  2. Decide the strategy you want to follow?
  3. Decide coins that you want to invest in?
  4. Decide your buy range?



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