How To Create Wealth?

5 min readDec 20, 2021


Let’s be honest, most of us either want wealth or financial freedom or time freedom but 99% of us struggle to achieve it.

It’s like going out to get pasta and after exploring the market we end up buying something else.

This is because subconsciously we are following a pattern and people who don’t have a certain level of self awareness would never realise this.

Let’s dive deep into this…


As children, we used to paint anything we felt like but as we grew, we started to mimic paintings, art of famous artists, losing our originality in return.

Same happens in investing & creating wealth. We constantly chase other people’s definition of wealth and we don’t even realise it.

Wealth for someone else could be = $10,000,000,000

But for you it could be = $1,000,000 + Time Freedom

So why do we follow someone else’s definition of wealth?

If you put a carrot in front of a rabbit, he will keep chasing it.

Same is with humans.

When we chase something, we send a signal to our brain that we are actively applying efforts to achieve something.

When we fail to achieve it, we now have evidence that we did the work but we didn’t get the result because of X,Y,Z reasons.

But in hindsight, we did not make it because we were not ready to stop chasing and start creating.

People don’t succeed because they CHASE wealth instead of CREATING it, failing to realise that wealth can never be chased.


Remember playing board games as a child? Every game had a set of rules designed in order to achieve only 2 outcomes: either “you win” or “you lose”.

The government & banking institutions have made “wealth creation” a game which has a predefined set of rules with only two favourable outcomes: either “ win” or “fail”.

People don’t even know that they’re playing a game where subconsciously they’ll fail.

But very few selected people will understand this and will win this game and will create wealth.

People who’re chasing something-

  1. Are always low on energy & vibrations.
  2. Are fighting for their survival.
  3. Are always in scarcity mode.

Wealth can only be created -

  1. By someone who’s not in scarcity mode.
  2. By raising your frequency, vibrations & energy.
  3. Realising we need abundance and having wealth is our right.

If you keep doing what most people are doing, which is -

  1. Chasing high returns
  2. Chasing stocks
  3. Chasing cryptocurrencies
  4. Chasing high real estate returns

You will get what most people get, that is average returns.

If you want something you never had, you’ll have to do something you never did.

People don’t get wealthy even by mimicking the pick of successful investors because they can’t mimic their

  1. Judgement call
  2. Timing
  3. Psychology/Mindset

That is why “wealth creation” is a plot strategy because if you want a predictable outcome, you need to put a predictable input in a predictable system.

For eg- if I want to bake a cookie, I use all the right ingredients.

If the input is right but I miss out on some steps then the result is gonna be different from what’s expected.

People start investing into any random coin after seeing others making 5x, 100x, 500x.

They fail to understand that they-

  1. Can mimic their pick but not their timing
  2. Can’t mimic their mindset
  3. Can’t mimic their judgement call

And ultimately ends up getting REKT because they invest after seeking validation from influencers, tweets etc.

This applies to all the markets like real estate, stock market etc.

When the market goes from bull to bear, it takes away money from people who were chasing wealth and distributes it among the ones who were creating it.

When you create wealth-

  1. You create more riches because wealth is a positive sum game.
  2. When you create wealth you take responsibility, you are accountable
  3. You increase your energy, vibration & frequency.
  4. You understand your resources, goals, wants etc.
  5. You have control.

Ask yourself this, who do you think will reach the destination first -

  1. Person “A” going at 10 KM/H with google maps with them.
  2. Person “B” going at 50 KM/H without google maps and doesn’t know the right direction.

To put things into perspective, person ‘A’ here is like the one who’s creating wealth and person “B” is someone who’s chasing wealth.

Will you be able to sleep well tonight if you bought a coin because some influencer on twitter tweeted about it?

Are you willing to give that power to someone whom you really don’t even know?


People chasing wealth —

  • Look for the next thing
  • What can I do next
  • Whom can I follow next
  • Where can I invest next

Whereas someone who wants to create wealth is relaxed, has peace of mind because he knows generating wealth is not a get rich quick scheme.

Here’s how you can start creating wealth-

  1. Start reading about people you adore, look up to, want to be like.
  2. Understand their planning, mindset, psychology, habits and approach.
  3. Create your own model taking them as reference.
  4. Test your model, do some iterations & tweaks until it starts producing results.
  5. Don’t take advice from someone who is chasing wealth and is not at the level you want to be.
  6. Be consistent, disciplined and stick to your plan.

Finally, you then get in control, now you are not chasing anyone and you achieve peace of mind.

Study millionaires , billionaires, multi billionaires whoever you admire, want to follow, make a plan and stick to it.

That’s one of the great ways to create wealth.

Remember, success is 80% mindset and 20% action.

The people who create wealth are 100 steps ahead of those who’re chasing it.

We hope this gives you a context around what you can do while chasing wealth and what you can do while creating wealth.

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