How To Create Wealth?


As children, we used to paint anything we felt like but as we grew, we started to mimic paintings, art of famous artists, losing our originality in return.

  1. Are fighting for their survival.
  2. Are always in scarcity mode.
  1. By raising your frequency, vibrations & energy.
  2. Realising we need abundance and having wealth is our right.
  1. Chasing stocks
  2. Chasing cryptocurrencies
  3. Chasing high real estate returns
  1. Timing
  2. Psychology/Mindset
  1. Can’t mimic their mindset
  2. Can’t mimic their judgement call
  1. When you create wealth you take responsibility, you are accountable
  2. You increase your energy, vibration & frequency.
  3. You understand your resources, goals, wants etc.
  4. You have control.
  1. Person “B” going at 50 KM/H without google maps and doesn’t know the right direction.


  • What can I do next
  • Whom can I follow next
  • Where can I invest next
  1. Understand their planning, mindset, psychology, habits and approach.
  2. Create your own model taking them as reference.
  3. Test your model, do some iterations & tweaks until it starts producing results.
  4. Don’t take advice from someone who is chasing wealth and is not at the level you want to be.
  5. Be consistent, disciplined and stick to your plan.



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