Let’s DeFi

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • BNB
  • DOT
  • FTM
  • AVAX
  • SOL
  • CRV
  • 1INCH
  • KCS
  • If you notice, most of them are layer 1’s, some are DE-FI, the rest are exchange coins & P2P payments BTC.
  • BTC, ETH consists of 30%, the rest of the de-fi coins take 50–60% & remaining coins take 10%-20%.
  • I book profits & move them into the DE-FI structure.
  • If the amount invested < $100 then i won’t bother selling at 2x, i’d only sell around 4x-5x.
  1. One on the right is the “stable system”.
  2. One of the left consists of a system generating high APY/APR.
  1. The coins/tokens we are staking in these farms have either strong fundamental value or are stable in value.
  2. I invest in stable-stable LP pairs , eg- DAI-USDC pair or BUSD-USDT pair because they’ll always be $1 in value, so no impermanent loss.
  3. I invest in Stable-variable LP pairs, eg- fUSDST-FTM or BUSD-BNB because-
  4. BNB & FTM is already the coin I believe in in my top 10 & so I am accumulating more of it either way.
  5. Chances of Impermanent loss is less since these coins stay in a range & comes under my definition of STABLE.
  6. Also, I am okay with CAKE-USDT or CAKE-USDC, because I always want more CAKE tokens which gives me access to other tokens with free yield.


On this side, I’m focusing only on good returns, so anything above 100% APY is good for me.

  1. How farms are built
  2. How dex token works
  3. How whole Defi world works
  1. High APR/APY from farms.
  2. Use it to accumulate low MCAP projects
  3. Keep rotating my money here & use the yield whenever I can to buy my top 10 coins.
  • Left side is for someone who’s an active participant.
  • The right side of DE-FI is for someone who’s a passive participant,


First, you have to wait for a bearish market structure confirmed on a weekly & monthly close.

  • Start buying the dips without understanding that it is a bear market.
  • By the time the actual bottom is formed, they’d be 30–40% down, even after buying the dip.
  • Would be out of funds by the time the actual bottom is formed.



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