Money Mindset and Macro View


  1. You want to have extra hours
  2. You work more hours
  3. To make more money
  4. So you can earn back those extra hours
  5. But you end up creating a complex system
  6. Which takes away the limited available time you have
  • Their goal is to give us small dopamine hits every time we check a new video/reels/notification etc.
  • Apps like expense tracker claim to save our time but instead keep us engaged with it by sending notifications.
  1. Cut back on things which cost you time and aren’t helping you in any way.
  2. Reinvest that time into things which save you more time.


  1. Understand that making money is not a get rich quick scheme.
  2. Know that different financial instruments might help you achieve your goal a bit early but there are no shortcuts to it.
  3. Making generational wealth takes time, it takes generations, you can’t just create generational wealth overnight.
  4. Every single thing you do is a part of your financial plan, it either takes you closer to it or away from it.
  5. Learn to track your time by doing a time audit and money audit.
  6. Cut back on things which cost you time that aren’t helping you move closer to your goals.
  7. Everything you do should fit your plan, not the plan of other people who wants to sell you something.
  8. The right money mindset should give you freedom not stress or anxiety.
  9. Doing root cause analysis helps you make better decisions in future.
  1. Figure out why you took that decision in the first place.
  2. Find where did the need of taking the decision originate from.
  3. See if the need of taking a decision was internal or external in terms of origin.
  4. Internal is most likely due to emotions, external is most likely due to unfiltered information, both are disastrous.


  1. Bitcoin
  2. Gold and Silver
  3. Businesses
  1. Dividend income
  2. Rental income
  3. Monthly income from businesses and investments




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